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Moontime Guided Meditation

Moontime Guided Meditation


Deepen your connection to your feminine wisdom, power, and healing.


This audio was created for you to deepen the work of honoring and learning from your monthly cycles. Adding tools and rituals to your monthly practices can be deeply supportive of your releasing and healing process. Listen to this audio in preparation for your transformation, and be held in the transformative land of your inner landscape.


* Includes a 12-page booklet supplemental material


After purchasing your guided meditation audio you will receive an email with a link to download the booklet, which has the steps to access the audio. The digital booklet has information about the different phases of the moon, and practices for you to connect with your menstrual cycle.


*Please be respectful with the artists who worked on this project, and don't share their work. Consider gifting additional ones to your dear ones.

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