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Frequently Asked Questions


Services offered:
* Individual sessions
* Sessions in London and online
* Long-distance healing for someone who is not able to attend

* Private ceremonies

To book a session:

I currently have a waiting list, please email me to be informed once I have availability.

Online (remote) sessions are as effective as in-person, since energy is not limited by time and space. 

Healing sessions can include:
* Shamanic journeying and guided meditation with power animals and spirit guides. 

* Soul Mending (Tracking, Retrieval, and Integration)
* Cord-cutting ceremonies (severing emotional attachments)
* Entity extraction (De-possession)
* Ancestral healing (Issues arising from or by ancestors)
* Vibrational healing sound (for balancing and or activation)
* Shamanic Counseling

* Other native and contemporary shamanic modalities will be added as the need arises.

How many sessions do I need?:
We will complete an assessment during the first session. One single session may be enough to bring a quick change and relief. Often, due to the accumulated layers of life experience, a few sessions will produce deeper transformation and long-lasting healing. I will advise and you can decide how you want to invest in yourself. I do recommend 4-6 weeks between sessions for integration.

Sometimes weekly sessions are advised to work on the conscious levels with a shamanic counseling structure.

What to wear:
Please wear comfortable clothing and preferably warm layers.

What to Bring:
No need to bring anything with you. 

The first session:
During the first session, I will use energetic and intuitive diagnostic tools to gain insight into the root of the physical, emotional, and spiritual state of your condition. Having this full picture will allow us to decide the course of action for this and future sessions.


How to prepare:

Do not have any alcohol for 48 hours, coffee for 24 hours, and eat lightly. Drink lots of water/tea a day or two prior to your session.

For remote sessions:

In the space where you will receive your session, I suggest cleaning and cleansing the room with incense or essential oils.

Following the session:
* Do not schedule any big social activities; quiet time is recommended
* Be prepared to be tired and sleepy for a few days afterward.
* Avoid shaking hands on the day of your session to prevent the transfer of negative energy by others.
* Avoid Orgasm/ejaculation for three days.
* For the next two weeks please avoid alcohol, eating meat, and spicy foods – This is recommended for acid-detoxification and for calming the nervous system – Drink chamomile tea for breakfast and before bedtime.  
* Additional personal assignments might be offered based on what occurs during the session.

* Spend time in nature to improve your clarity and to ground you

* Take baths with sea or Epsom salts, herbs, essential oils, etc. 



Everything we discuss during the session will be treated as strictly confidential. Nothing that is said in a session should be taken as a reason or excuse to avoid appropriate medical or psychological treatment. This work is not medical treatment. I am not a mental health practitioner/provider/physician. By attending the session you agree that you have sought my services of your own free will and knowledge. 

All decisions made and actions taken, based on input or advice from the practitioner (Andrea), are ultimately the complete responsibility of the client. The practitioner (Andrea) has no liability or responsibility for any of the client's actions taken (or not taken) in connection therewith. 

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