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Traumatic Birth Recovery

  • 1 h 30 min
  • fee upon request
  • online

Service Description

The Traumatic Birth Recovery 3-Step Rewind, is a therapeutic technique used to help individuals process and heal from traumatic birth experiences. It is an NPL (Neuro-linguistic programming) intervention commonly used for trauma resolution. The TBR 3-Step Rewind involves three main steps: Preparation: The therapist establishes a safe and comfortable environment for the individual to share their birth experience and any associated emotions or distress. The therapist explains the whole process and helps the individual understand what will take place during the technique. Visualization: The individual is guided through a relaxation exercise to achieve a calm state. They are then guided to visualize the traumatic birth experience in a way to reduce emotional distress during the process. Rewind: The therapist guides the individual through a mental rewinding of the traumatic birth experience. This rewinding process aims to reframe and dissociate the negative emotions associated with the traumatic event. The TBR 3-Step Rewind is designed to help parents process and release the emotional distress associated with traumatic birth experiences. It is a non-invasive and relatively quick technique, typically taking three sessions to complete.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or reschedule made within 48 hours of your appointment time will incur a 50% appointment fee. Group events: a cancellation will be considered if another participant can take your spot.

Contact Details

London, UK

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