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News: new options Moon Ceremonies will be recorded

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Life is busy, I know. Even though you mean to prioritize your spiritual and self-care practices, sometimes it doesn't happen.

Many blessings,

Our fast-growing community is a wonderful blessing, and I am doing my best to keep up with all the contacts. I have been blessed with supporting so many wonderful women, and I want to do better.

We are all living busy lives, and sometimes it is hard to set aside a window of time for ourselves at a fixed time. But we still deserve and need self-care practices.

I time the online moon ceremonies according to the moon phases, so I understand that sometimes it is hard to align with it, but even if we cannot share the live event now you can still experience it on your own time: starting this Dark Moon all memberships will include the recordings of the ceremonies, in addition to a spot at the live events. For £11 per month, you can participate at both ceremonies and also have access to the recordings as well per quarter:

Love, Andrea

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